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$1 for a Soda, Get $1 Million in Amenities

Hydration is important and sweet tea is yummy. You got it – Mickey-D it is. This brings us to the idea about what we expect as consumers and the brands that support us.

In exchange for my $1, here’s what I expected:

1. The 60-second subconscious scan, which included:

  • Not too busy with cars in parking lot
  • Snow plowed well in parking lot (it’s Jan in Michigan!)
  • Good exterior safety lighting
  • Looked through windows to make sure it looked modern and clean (out of town by approx 40 miles)

2. Fast purchase, which included:

  • Any number of food/beverage items ready and waiting
  • # of Staff standing by patiently
  • Technology/Systems for quick cash-out with debit

3. Bathroom run, which included:

  • ULTRA clean bathroom
  • Good TP
  • Good lighting for make-up touch-up
  • Modern amenities like motion-activated facet and good-smelling soap

Last year I bashed a local Burger King because it looked 20 years old and ultimately sent itself out of business (a prediction that came true this year). I now recant that bash and replace it with a “Thank You” to the franchises and brands that support us. We expect a friggen-lot and with no apologies. How many of us realize how much effort is involved in keeping these stores and brands evolved? It takes a lot of effort, time, management, design, environmental design, engineering, marketing, testing and ultimately – love and respect for human nature.

Here’s a question. How do you need to evolve to keep up with what your consumers are now expecting?

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