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Top 3 LinkedIn Strategies for your Business

1. Create a great profile. LinkedIn ranks high on search engines, so having a strong detailed profile is the perfect way to get additional ranking for your name, your business name and your products and services.

Take time on your profile, thinking of it – as some have said about LinkedIn profiles – as a resume on steroids! You want it to be more personal than a resume, but more professional than most social networking profiles. Have friends and business associates review it for you just like you would a resume to make sure it represents you at your best.

2. Show rather than just tell. LinkedIn is one of the best tools for showcasing how it is that you do business. You can include case studies and success stories that demonstrate who you are and how you or your products work. In the process, it’s best to keep in mind that although LinkedIn is more business-oriented than most social networking sites, it is still a social media site and relationship based accordingly. Telling the information in story format and with entertainment value whenever you can is more effective than just reciting dry content or facts.

3.Use it for research. Profiles on LinkedIn often provide more detailed demographic and research data than even websites do. Use that information to research your competition. Research your ideal customers. Research your vendors. Join a LinkedIn Group where your colleagues or your customers are likely to hang out and listen in on the conversations. What do people want more of? Less of? New and different? Use the LinkedIn Answers feature in a similar way. Then take everything you learn and make your business even stronger!

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